MRSA again

check this out on my chin! Ouch! And gross!! Good thing is, when I started the clindomycin, my hands really started to dry out. I am back to major shedding, just like back in the day- like month 3. Maybe this round of antibiotics will zap it. Bleh.  Guess I’ve been in some constant state of infection. 

 Compared to last week, my hands look and feel a lot better. Now, if someone would just amputate my chin. 😁 and yes, I am keeping it covered! 


2 responses to “MRSA again

  1. MRSA!!! GO AWAY! You’ve had that for a while huh? I had it for a good 6+ months. It got to the point where no orals would work anymore. I hope this doesn’t become an issue for you as well. Maybe check out my blog so you know you’re not alone.

    And your hands look so painful! I’m so sorry! I never got it to that degree on my palms.

    Sending you positive healing thoughts!
    Cat ❤


    • I will look at your blog- thanks! I’m wondering about oral antibiotics bc the Cleocin does not seem to be doing the trick. I’m also allergic to Bactrim family now, got really stiff joints. I’ve tried everything, I feel! Not sure what to do. Tired of saying that.


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