MRSA on arm

Going to start with the good: it is ragweed season here in the Southeast, and historically, I was an allergic mess during this time. I would always end up on antibiotic for a sinus infection, sometimes additional inhalers and occasionally prednisone (although I usually refused) and remember chronic sneezing spells where I’d sneeze literally dozens of times in a row. Guess what? I took Allegra for a week and was fine. I never have those sneezing spells anymore. So- any of those doubters out there: I am a different person allergy/asthma & sinus wise. This happened early on but continues to improve. It truly is amazing!! It was absolutely the chronic absorption of TS that had my system in an overreactive state. While I still have skin troubles, when I really think back to my allergic hell, I am (somewhat) grateful I began this journey. 

Now, the one thing I’ve noticed that still gets me is grass, especially if it’s being cut or is loose. So that must be something I’m truly allergic to. 

Man! I guess my immune system is still just not what it should be. I’m gonna try to take a major stand to rebuild my immune system. My husband is out of the house & I feel I have a chance now. I can breathe for the first time in a long time. As for the MRSA…
Not the best pic bc it’s in a weird spot on my forearm. That mark above is from a bandaid & you can kind of see (randomly) in the background where my face is still healing from the last one I had. And you can see my 3-year-old in the background who is in a full-leg cast after fracturing his tibia. 😐 yep, really. COME ON, life!! I can take it! Sometimes, I think of that scene on Forrest Gump where Lieutenant Dan is on top of the mast in the middle of a hurricane. 

I can do this. Right now, nearing 3 years, my face is still extremely dry, flaking especially around mouth and eyes.  

 This photo is after waking, no moisturizer or shower (I obviously look better than this when I get out). This is just realistic as far as where I am currently in the healing process, as unsightly as it may be. And yes, my eyebrows are in major need of a visit to my esthetician. 😁

My chest, neck and arms are fully covered in eczema-like rash. My hands are bad but not the worst they’ve been. The arms and chest are tell-tale TSW, as I never had rashes in these areas…ever in my life. I will heal. I have been clear previously, so I think it’s truly a spiritual, meditative, grounded quality maybe I was lacking all along, causing my original symptoms when I was tiny.

Stress makes it worse, I know, but I think there’s more to it. It’s a more complex thing requiring us to look inward. When I’ve begun to truly understand and change, I think the signs of healing will truly reveal themselves.

Currently, I use zinc ointment (fragrance-free of course), a few other moisturizers, usually 1mg hydroxyzine at night, trying to taper off gabapentin- average 600mg per day currently and sometimes 1mg klonopin. That’s it! And lots of gloves, ice packs and itching. 


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