Dr. Steph

My wrists at 35 months. Ouch. I’ve been itching a lot past few days. Was on doxycycline for MRSA, ended up making skin worse. It cleared for a few days, but now very itchy and flaky again. 

I was disheartened after going to infectious disease specialist yesterday. I didn’t expect him to have any cure for overall TSW, but he was almost completely unaware of the long-term effects of TS usage. He said I looked like my immune system was perfectly fine. What? He just reaffirmed what I know, that my hands make me for vulnerable for any type of bacteria/infection. 

He said to call when I have MRSA again & his recommendation would be to drain and treat it locally, rather than do oral antibiotics- which I seem to be not tolerating anymore. He also said to use HIBICLENS, which I’ve never used. I think “ouch” but not sure.

I really want to go to med school. Every time I go to any doc now, I feel like I am teaching them. Let’s see- if I started prerequisites in January, it’d probably take me 3 years before I’d begin to apply to med school (considering I was fine arts/English the first go-around), would have to move my family at least temporarily…then I discovered this great forum in case any of you have been inspired through your TSW experience with docs: http://forums.studentdoctor.net/threads/how-old-is-too-old-to-go-to-medical-school.893943/

Maybe I’ll do it. I’ve been wanting to write a book about this experience, and that’d be the perfect inspiration/glue, whether fiction or non. 



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