3rd Halloween as TSW “monster” 👹

I actually wrote this on Halloween but was not published until 2 weeks later when I opened WordPress and saw it pending.

I’ve been posting more frequently, I think probably bc of the psychology of how late in the game it is. Here are my most recent pics (past 2 days):

  Tired, inflamed.

But then there are these (past 2 days too):

  That’s me in the middle. That’s me in the spot.light…

 Oh yeah- we’re all geared up for Halloween & Hannah is gonna be Lt. Dan from Forrest Gump. My 7-yo boy will be Forrest. We even got the proper Nike Cortez, exact ones from movie.

So- pics proving that I exist in the world aside, I go to rheumatologist tomorrow and am quite hopeful. I never do this, cannot stand when people are always publicly venting about probs, but I did today:

So there’s that. Got a lot of really nice, supportive comments. Here’s the video of any of you people should care to see:

My boy is the one on-cue in royal blue. Ha!! Love my kids. Sad to be in bed today.

Happy healing!steph


One response to “3rd Halloween as TSW “monster” 👹

  1. God bless and comfort you on your journey to wellness. May he guide you and give you strength. I am currently beginning this nightmare myself and am terrified to endure this without support from the medical community. Your courage is an enormous inspiration. Wishing you my very best and an end to your suffering!


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